• Apr

    15th 2022

    Japanese Ethical Philosophy and Algorithm Design

    Presented at the Southern Appalachian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

    Japanese ethical philosophy from the Kyoto School, specifically from that of Watsuji, allows for us to consider what data and algorithmic design ethics would look like if we imagine how to ethically consider those around us in digital latent space (e.g. how a machine learning model may organize us). Utilizing an ethical framework that is equipped to handle the tension between the individual and the between-ness will prove invaluable in identifying how systems fail individuals and society writ large.

  • Oct

    5th 2021

    OCR for Classical Japanese Caligraphy

    Classifying character sets with 49 distinct classes

    Kuzushiji is a form of classical Japanese writing that is analogous to older forms of cursive in English. It's no longer used as a common form of writing, but is present in religious calligraphy and classical literature.